Febreze Fabric Spray Cleaner - 500ml


This Febreze Fabric Classic is a great all-around fabric cleaner that you can add to your home.

It has Odourclear technology that cleans away tough lingering odours trapped in fabrics and leaves a light fresh scent for you to enjoy.

You can get rid of those smelly sofas, musty carpets and unwashed curtains with this spray that will get your home in tip-top condition!

This spray doesn't just mask but truly cleans away odours and freshens all hard to wash fabrics.

It gives off an April fresh scent. It's inspired by the springtime natrual freshness of Lenor and will leave your livingroom smelling clean and untouched.

Odourclear technology - With an odour elimination technology, this spray cleans away even the tough lingering odours that get trapped in fabrics, so you and your guests can breathe happily. Classic fragrance - You can bring the outside in with the fresh, clean scent of breeze-dried laundry.

No cleaning needed - This refresher is a breath of fresh for fabrics that are hard to wash, like sofa coverings, curtains and carpets.

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Specifications Great all-around cleaner Dermatologically tested, safe to use around cats and dogs Volume: 500ml

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